All off road vehicles endure harsh vibration, and heavy stresses. Therefore it is advised to periodically check the suspension and other hardware to ensure all fasteners are tight throughout the board. If some parts show wear, they should be replaced to ensure safe handling characteristics. Clean all parts with a damp cloth then wipe with a dry cloth.



How to get the most range out of your battery.

There are two main factors that will give you the best battery range:

1. To achieve the maximum range out of your battery its best to ride in fast mode and only throttle to 30-50% and maintain this speed. This will still allow the board to travel at speed (15 mph) without putting excessive current through the electrical setup. Maintaining a consistent speed is the best way to achieve the longest range during your ride. Sudden acceleration consumes a lot of energy and therefore reduces range.

2. Board maintenance is essential for battery range. In particular, ensure that wheels are clean and free rolling. Remove any grass or debris that may become wrapped around the axle shafts. Always inflate your tires to the recommended pressure.