XC-6 Sleek


The XC-6 is a beautifully designed cross country machine. The extended stance, and length provide a smooth and stable ride. The XC-6 is a thrill to ride on all surface terrains.

The XC-6 has a powerful lithium battery, with an extended capacity for longer ride times and distance. The large ten inch wheels are equipped with tubeless tires, coupled with super robust BLDC motors to provide plenty of high torque on demand. The perfect vehicle for a campsite, or exploring a trail, with the agility to smooth out the roughest ride. The XC-6 has it all.

Order your XC-6 today... and hit the trail.

XC6 Sleek top and side views


Range 18 miles (4WD Mode)
Top Speed 30 MPH
Drive Settings Two or Four Wheel Drive
Slope 35% Grade
Deck Material Maple Composite
Deck length 48 Inches
Wheelbase 39 Inches
Shocks Nitrogen Charged - Adjustable Coil Pre-Load
Tires 10⌀" Off Road, Tubeless Off Road
Drive Motors 4X High Torque, Sensored, Brushless
Chassis 6061-T6-Extruded, TIG Weld
Battery 12s8p 48V Lithium Ion, Proprietary BMS
Charge Time ≈6 Hrs (@2A)
Weight 68lbs
Braking Regenerative Electrical Resistance
Recommended Max Load ≈240lbs
ESC RF 2.4gHz, Handheld Rechargeable Remote, Cruise Control Feature
Includes Ratcheting Bindings, Battery Charger, Remote Control


Velox Electric Skateboards are not toys. Adult supervision is highly recommended for riders under the age of 16. Like all similar sports such as snowboarding, skill building practice is needed for proficient operation. As always, adhere to any laws and rules that regulate or restrict usage in certain areas. It is important to be conscience of safe operation including wearing a helmet and other protective gear. Velox Electric Skateboards may not be suitable for some riders, who may run the risk of serious injury.


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